13 Miles… On a treadmill

February 6, 2013|Posted in: Health, Running, Workouts

I ran a half marathon.  Not in a race.  Voluntarily.  On.A.Treadmill.  Okay, let me back up here and explain.  My husband and I are currently training for either a half or full marathon in April.  We both decided we would sign up and just see how the training goes then decide probably around March which distance we would do.  So I set up a training plan for us that would follow your normal marathon training.  I have never run a spring race of this distance and I wanted to this year (I have run all my marathons and half marathons in the summer and fall).  I figured I could use a new challenge and was excited for it.  Well I definitely got a challenge!

This issue with training for a race like this lies in the weather.  I live in Chicago which means we do not normally have nice winters!  In fact, they can be pretty brutal.  I knew this but I also thought that buying all the right gear would help.  It does help actually – a lot.  Now I can run in 30 degree weather without really thinking twice about it.  I have my running tights, warm socks, great jacket, long sleeve shirt, warming headband, gloves, etc.  I have it all!  The problem is this still doesn’t help when it’s snowing, blustery, below 10 degrees, and just plain scary outside for a Chicago winter.  THAT is what I woke up to this past Saturday.

I knew I had to get a long run in as part of the training.  But when I woke up on Saturday morning and looked outside… there was no way I was going running in that.  Partly because it looked like torture fighting the snow but mostly because I didn’t really want to get a broken leg slipping and falling on the ice/snow.  I checked the weather for Sunday to see if it was any better… nope.  This is one of those times when I really miss the south and the “winter” we have down there.

So I did what any crazy runner would do and decided I would have to hit the treadmill.  I have goals, I’m on a mission, I’m training, and I wasn’t going to let the snow stop me.  So my husband and I set off to the gym with our Gu, an updated playlist on our iPods, and some motivation to boot.

I was pretty much dreading this run on the treadmill.  As much as I love to run, doing 13 miles (which our training plan called for) on a treadmill is not very fun.

I was armed with a pretty spunky and new playlist on my iPod to keep me going but I also decided to look for a movie on one of the TV’s.  I figured that if anything, that could keep me going and entertained for a long time.  I eventually found a movie and I won’t admit which one it is but it actually had me pretty interested and I enjoyed the movie!  Okay, I’ll give some hints… it was on the Oxygen channel, very old, girl power – enough said.

I love running outside especially in Chicago by the lake so this was pretty tough for me.  I tried to break it down into separate sections to make it easier.  I figured I have run 6.5 miles on a treadmill plenty of times so I knew I could do that.  I focused on getting to that point first.  It was surprisingly pretty easy.  I was into my movie and the time passed pretty well.  I took some Gu at this point and decided to next focus on getting to 10 miles.

I also broke up the time by changing the incline on the treadmill.  This helped give me challenges similar to running outside and also just keep me interested.  I did this until I got to 10 miles and that really helped.  Now I had 3 more to go…

The last 3 were pretty boring and I was just ready to be done.  I just kept pushing though, focusing on the movie, and sneaking peaks at my cute hubby next to me running and doing an awesome job.  That helped give me some boost of motivation.  Before I knew it, I was done!  I had actually run the miles I needed for training.

It wasn’t perfect or how I had planned but I did it.  I am still on track for training and able to get in my miles.  Take that Chicago winter!!  After a high five from my hubby we were able to enjoy the rest of our day knowing we met our goal.  I sure hope the weather clears up for this weekend though because I’m ready to get outside!

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.


  1. Running In Heels
    February 6, 2013

    Way to go!! I just found your blog and I’m from Wisconsin so I know what you mean when you are talking about cold winters!! Way to get out there and run anyways 🙂

  2. Fit Busy Female
    February 6, 2013

    Thank you! Runners up here in the Midwest definitely have their challenges in winter! 🙂

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