25 Week Update

April 2, 2014|Posted in: Health, Running, Workouts

It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m already 25 weeks!  It seems like I’ve been pregnant for quite awhile but when I realize I am already at the 25 week mark with only 15 weeks to go I just can’t believe it.  Although, I think it will only get more difficult and uncomfortable as time goes on…

But for now, I am feeling pretty good!  I really can’t complain too much.  I feel lucky that I have had such a good pregnancy so far but it hasn’t been this good without some work.  I have worked pretty hard to make sure I stay comfortable by eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping.  These are all the essential ingredients to a super healthy pregnancy.

Healthy Eating:

I have been eating pretty well for the most part but I still indulge in moderation.  This really isn’t all that different from my normal eating habits.  I eat the healthy foods I enjoy so I’m not forcing myself to eat something that doesn’t satisfy me.  One of the healthy foods I can’t live without is fruit.  I LOVE fruit right now!  I am also eating a lot of lean meats like grilled chicken and recipes with ground turkey.  I try to eat almost all organic meats as well.  I really feel it makes a difference and I’ve done too much reading on the scary stuff that’s in some of our meats.  I have been eating a good amount of veggies but I could probably eat more servings.  Another thing I should eat more of is fish.  Some people think pregnant women can’t eat fish but that’s not true.  It actually has a TON of health benefits but it’s just something that you shouldn’t eat regularly.  I am supposed to aim for one piece of fish a week so I should work on that.  As for my indulgences, lately I love pizza!  So I have ordered pizza some but then I also make my own homemade pizza so it satisfies my cravings but I get to control what goes in it.  I also found some organic ice cream that I love.  Once again, all in moderation!

Another big thing – water!  Pregnant women are supposed to drink 10 glasses of water a day.  This is hard to do sometimes at work.  I have to really remember to drink it and along with that, it makes you run for more bathroom breaks which can be pretty inconvenient while at work but all for the health of the baby!


I still love exercising!  It really makes me feel good.  I really encourage women to exercise and keep at it.  I understand how it seems hard and tiring but I think a lot of this is a mental block.  There are mornings that I wake up to go to the gym and I think “this is going to be a terrible workout, I’m so tired and feel so big”.  But once I get to the gym and start working out I don’t think those things anymore and in fact, I start to feel so much better.  Getting over the mental block is tough but it’s possible – and worth it.

I am still running around 4 – 5 miles in one day.  I do shorter runs sometimes too of about 2 – 3 miles.  Last weekend I ran 5 and felt great!  I am definitely slower than I used to be and I still take some breaks in between miles but I feel good.  I also remember that this is great for the baby and getting through labor.  I also still lift weights, do modified push-ups, planks, lunges, squats, and other strengthening exercises.  I want to keep all this up so my body can withstand labor better and working out also helps me keep my energy level up.


Sleep is so important.  Not only when you’re pregnant but all the time!  Our bodies NEED sleep.  I have actually been sleeping pretty well (maybe I should knock on wood right now).  I honestly think my big “secret” for this is working out.  I really and truly believe this.  Working out lowers my stress level, gives me energy throughout the day, but puts me on a great sleep schedule.  I actually sleep worse when I don’t work out.  I also try to stay on a regular sleeping schedule – same time going to bed and same time waking up.


So I’ve always been a believer that staying healthy isn’t just physical.  It’s also about your mental and spiritual health.  Emotions run high during pregnancy that’s for sure.  Just ask my husband!  So there are days when I just have a short temper for some reason or I just don’t feel great about my body changing shape.  Or sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with the whole idea of being responsible for another human and trying to be the perfect mom.  I’ve found that just simply talking about it really helps.  Just venting about it to my husband or a friend takes some stress off.  I also try to slow myself down and realize this whole pregnancy and everything that comes with it is wonderful.  Creating a human being is hard work ladies and don’t down play it.  It can be hard, emotional, frustrating, and scary.  I just try to take deep breaths and remember – one day at a time.  Sometimes we take life too seriously and have to remember it’s also supposed to be fun.

So that’s my latest update!  I hope to continue all my healthy habits these next 15 weeks.  I can’t predict the future obviously but I can do my best to stay healthy, enjoy my pregnancy, and be proud of what my body is accomplishing.


I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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