8 Lessons Learned from having a Baby

August 21, 2014|Posted in: Health, Pregnancy

So most of us have heard all the usual things that you learn from having a baby – taking a shower is a luxury, sleep doesn’t happen, your house is always a mess, etc.  Well I have a few items to add to this list.  There are some things that I either wasn’t told or just didn’t fully realize until I had a baby.

Although, can you ever really understand any of this until you’ve had a baby?!  Probably not.

Here are 8 things I have learned:

  1. How long a minute really is.  I used to think a minute was nothing.  What’s the big deal – it’s just one minute of time.  Well, once you realize how long ONE MINUTE of crying, pumping, sleeping, and showering is, you realize it’s a really long time!  That one minute of crying seems like an eternity, one more minute of pumping might get one more ounce, one minute of sleeping might make you a little more sane, and one more minute of time in the shower might mean you get to shave the other armpit.  A minute is valuable.
  2. Your grocery shopping trip just got quicker.  When I know I have a little ticking time bomb in a stroller that could go off at any minute, it’s amazing how fast I can get through a grocery store and get all the items on my list.  There really should be an Olympic event for the mom that can make it through the grocery store the fastest and get all her items while baby is in tow.  It will shock you.  I think I could win…
  3. Everyone wants to look at your baby.  It’s not that I have a problem with this but I just didn’t realize this happens.  When I’m out for a walk, people will stop and look into the bassinet in the stroller to see what the baby looks like.  It’s cute, sometimes creepy, and on those quick grocery runs I just mentioned… yeah, we don’t have time for that.
  4. If you have a girl, people will call her a boy.  I guess all babies look like boys.  I get it.  I’ve questioned other babies, not sure what gender they are.  My husband doesn’t want our daughter to have pierced ears as a baby (I let him win that fight) so I have to have a bow with me at all times.  Which doesn’t bother me too much – bring on the girly stuff!
  5. You become ambidextrous and can do so many things one-handed.  It’s a talent really!  I have learned to eat, make coffee, write notes, fold laundry – all with one hand or left handed (even though I’m right handed).  You have to when you have a baby in the other arm!  Or she’s breastfeeding while you’re eating.  (Don’t judge, mama’s gotta eat!)
  6. Sleeping.  Ah, the no sleeping I heard about.  From everyone.  But you didn’t tell me it wasn’t always because the baby wasn’t sleeping.  I thought I wouldn’t sleep because I had to feed her.  Now I also don’t sleep because the baby made a noise, I worry about every little thing, or I’m so beyond exhausted that my body just can’t shut down.  All of you who say “sleep when the baby sleeps”, really?!?!
  7. Sleep deprivation is seriously. NO. JOKE.  It’s where you can’t remember how to spell your name, how to tell time on a watch, or even what day it is.  Oh is it terrible.  Just don’t ask me to remember anything for the first year after having a baby, okay?
  8. The “mommy wars” are real and absolutely ridiculous.  Letting your baby cry it out vs not, formula feeding vs breast feeding, being a stay at home vs working mom.  Holy cow ladies, enough already!!  Why can’t we all just support each other, know we are each doing our best, every child is different, and be there for each other?!  I refuse to get involved in any of these discussions because you know what?  You are doing a good job if you just love your child!  That’s really all that matters and in whatever way you do that.  So how about we all just throw each other a bone, kay?

These are just a few things I’ve thought about recently that I’ve learned.  I’ve learned more about myself and life in general these past 8 ½ weeks with my daughter than at any other time in my life.  I will continue to learn and I love that.

The best thing I have learned about being a new mom though is how much I love my daughter.  No matter how sleep deprived, how many gobs of spit up I have on my shirt, or how many days I go without a shower (don’t ask me, I won’t admit to it), she is worth it.  Worth every minute.


I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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  1. Julie Griffin
    August 21, 2014

    Everything you said is true Cara. From here on in, you will be amazed at how much you learn, and how drained you will feel, but there is always time for your little one. I do not know where we’re pull this energy from but when they need us, we are there no matter how exhausted we are. I guess I so know where it comes from after all….it comes from Love?
    Take care. Hugs

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