A Delicious Introduction to Charleston

August 23, 2016|Posted in: Charleston, Personal

Our big move happened fast and furious! Everything had to be done so quickly and we were rushing around like crazies trying to get it all done. Brett even had to come find us a house by himself. I didn’t even see it until we actually bought it and closed! So, with everything going on we have had to eat out a lot which means one of our favorite things – trying new restaurants.

What better way to get introduced to a city you just moved to than trying tasty places that locals recommend to eat? I have still been managing to eat pretty healthy but I will admit to indulging a little more than normal. I just couldn’t help myself and I’m giving myself a pass since this is an insanely busy time in our lives. So onto some of our favorite and delicious places to eat so far…

Page’s Okra Grill – we went here for breakfast and it was so good. We got the biscuits to start with and they were amazing. I had a weird pregnancy craving for biscuits the entire time with Mason and it still hasn’t gone away… I’m going to blame the breastfeeding. I ordered a breakfast sandwich which was good but Brett ordered chicken and waffles and it was awesome. The waffles are actually stuffed! The portions of food are huge so you can share meals or take some home like we did. We will definitely be back. It was kid friendly and has a great outside area too.


Five Loaves – we stopped here for lunch one day and I think I could become obsessed with this place. I love a good salad or sandwich and that’s exactly what this place offers. You can order a half size of everything which is such a great idea so you get to try different things. I got a half cobb salad/half marinated chicken sandwich. I could probably eat that numerous times a week.

Poe’s Tavern – this place is in Sullivan’s Island where we stopped for another lunch one day. They are known for their burgers and it’s a very chill atmosphere there. I ordered just a basic cheeseburger but it was really good. I would like to try some of their other “fancy” burgers some time too. After eating here, we went to the beach close by which is another great benefit to stopping by!

Taco Boy – there are a few different locations and we went to the one in Charleston. I loved the outdoor seating especially since Ady could run around a little bit and not disturb people. I had a margarita which was really good and I loved the tacos! I love places where you can pick a few different types of tacos. Instead of ordering 3 of the same kind you can mix it up with however many you want of different flavors. It reminds me of one of our favorite places in Chicago we used to live by and frequent (De Cero). I can see this being a regular stop for us.

Basil – we went here for dinner one night and it’s another win for us. Brett loves Chinese food and this is on the same scale as PF Chang’s – good, upscale Chinese/Thai. The pad thai was really good! We got a few other things that were great too. It’s a little nicer and not as kid friendly though (no changing tables in the restrooms at all) but we still were able to do it with kids. It’s also in a fun little shopping center.

Indaco – this is where we ate recently on my birthday. It’s an upscale Italian place but really unique. You have to be a pretty adventurous eater to try a lot of things on their menu which I’m not. They have things like fried rabbit on their menu. I had a pasta with lamb that I enjoyed though and really liked their pizza which I got for Ady but ended up having some. Brett had a pasta with an egg yolk that you mix in and he liked it a lot. It’s a fun little place!





Graze – we went here for brunch the other day and it was very good. Brett got the chicken and waffles again which were SO good. They are completely different from the style at Page’s so I don’t know which one I like better! I got a frittata which you can design your own. I had one with sausage, spinach, and cheddar cheese. I would definitely order it again. Graze will be a place we visit again for sure!

As you can see, we have definitely been quickly making our way to a few different restaurants! We are really loving the food here. Remember, everything in moderation. 🙂

Note: We live in Mount Pleasant which is right next to Charleston so these restaurants are in either/both areas.

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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