cropped-img_1632Welcome! My name is Cara and I started this blog about health and fitness after getting numerous requests and questions from co-workers, friends, and family on nutrition and working out. They always wanted to know what type of foods to eat, what work outs were best, and most importantly, how to get the motivation to have a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy and fit is something that has been important to me since around 2004 during my undergrad college years. I was having a lot of issues dealing with stress from personal things going on in my life and my father suggested I start exercising to deal with that stress. It changed my life.

I started running and while running just a mile felt extremely hard, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I started studying nutrition on my own and learned what foods were best for me and then I started running races. I felt so much better once I started living a healthy lifestyle and realized this was something I was very passionate about.

I have run 3 marathons (and counting), 5 half marathons, and numerous other races. I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I have been to all types of fitness classes and gyms along with completed numerous workout videos. Basically, I’ve tried it all!

Most of the time, I create my own workouts and training plans.

My nutrition philosophy is one of moderation and the 80/20 rule. Try to eat healthy most of the time but indulge when you really want it. Moderation is key and I don’t believe in completely cutting out any type of food. I don’t believe in diets just the tried and true method of eating healthy and exercising!

I am busy just like you! I know it is hard to be healthy and fit with so much going on. I am a mom and wife which means I am taking care of other people a lot of the time and I also work full time during the day as a financial analyst. I know it’s hard to fit it all in but make your health a priority and you won’t regret it!

As this blog has evolved, I also discuss things like pregnancy, motherhood, being a wife, corporate wellness, living in Nashville (as of 2015 after moving from downtown Chicago), and any other lifestyle things I just feel like talking about! I love trying new restaurants, a glass of red wine, a great book, and a sassy pair of heels.

Come join me on my continuous journey of health, fitness, motherhood, and everything in between.