Adjusting to TWO

August 17, 2016|Posted in: Mom, Personal


I thought I would write a post about how life is now that I have two little ones. A lot of people told me that when you have your second child it’s not twice as hard but ten times as hard. I agree and disagree with this.

A lot of it is as expected. I feel more comfortable with a baby this time around since I’ve done it before. I also enjoy the moments I have more because I know how quickly they go by. I love snuggling Mason because I know one day soon he will be like Ady who will usually cuddle with me for about 10 seconds before she has to move around again and go play.

I also expected the sleep deprivation. Not that this makes it easier by any means. I’m still extremely tired and exhausted but I knew that it was going to happen. It wasn’t such a shock this time.

Mason is a great baby. I feel very lucky so in that aspect, things really haven’t been ten times as hard. He’s very chill and just doesn’t cry a lot except when he’s hungry. He does eat a lot so breastfeeding has been more demanding this time around but I wouldn’t say it is harder. For the most part, dealing with Mason is pretty comfortable and easy.

The hard part about this transition is with Adyson. She is such a fun and sweet little girl but I think this transition has been hard on her. This is something I thought might happen but wasn’t really prepared for. She is used to having all of our attention and now she doesn’t anymore. She wanted nothing to do with Mason at first (seriously, the above picture is photoshopped because she wouldn’t sit next to him) but is slowly coming around. She now asks to hold him and she likes to give him his pacifier if he is starting to cry. She has moments though where if I am holding him she actually tells me to put him down and for me to hold her. She has even tried to push him off of me. She also has been acting out but some of that I think is related to just being two (I hear three is worse and I am terrified!).

The hardest part for me though the past 8 1/2 weeks is figuring out how to divide my time. I struggle with knowing who to run to first. I have cried numerous times when they both are crying. I want Ady to know I still love her so much but I also want to create a bond with Mason. It’s hard to take Ady to the park or pool because I have a young infant who can’t really be out in the heat. When Mason wants to nurse non-stop I hate admitting how many times I have to turn to the TV to distract Ady.

I also want time with my husband and time to myself. I love spending time with Brett and it’s important for our marriage. I am also the type of person that needs some alone time. I need time to recharge and that is usually what I use my runs for. Dividing my time has become my biggest challenge in having another child. Just when I thought I had things figured out, it all changed.

I know this is just a season of our life though. I will get more sleep eventually. Adyson will start to think Mason is more exciting as he gets older. Brett and I will get another date night at some point. So I try to take it day by day. I try not to be too hard on myself which I’m failing at pretty miserably but I’ll get better about it.

I love having two children though which I can honestly say. I was worried about how I would be able to love another child as much as my first but it’s true what they say, your heart just grows and doubles in size.

So I will keep living day by day, minute by minute. Adjusting to two is emotionally harder than I thought. My house is a bigger mess. I am more scatter brained than I want to be. But it’s all worth it. I love that we expanded our family and eventually, things will get easier. I think. 🙂

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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