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Jul 9

July 9, 2014

Whose body is that?

When I got pregnant I was prepared for body changes.  In fact, I welcomed them.  I knew my body needed to change to accommodate a growing baby and that was okay.  It wasn’t always easy seeing the scale go up and my stomach growing more and more but I expected that.  I knew I was working out, eating healthy most of the time, and doing what I was supposed to do to gain the right amount of weight. What I…

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Jul 2

July 2, 2014

Post Pregnancy: Getting Your Core Back

After having a baby, one of the things hit hardest on your body is your core.  You have gained a lot of weight in your stomach, can’t really do crunches since you cannot lie flat on your back during pregnancy, and your center of gravity has been way off.  Your core suffers unfortunately.  And since your core is so important for all other forms of exercise and daily activities, it’s important to focus on getting that part of your body…

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Jun 26

June 26, 2014

Final Verdict: Did exercise help me during pregnancy?

  (One of the last photos taken of me during my pregnancy! On the date of one of my showers.) So here I am at the end of my first pregnancy journey.  My little girl is finally here!  I am absolutely in love and could not be happier.  I figured I should write an update post though on how my pregnancy went.  This is sort of my “final verdict” on how I think exercising during pregnancy helps you throughout the…

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Jun 22

June 22, 2014

Vanity Sizing: Do you know what size you really wear?

Do you know what size clothing you actually wear?  This might seem like a silly question but apparently it’s not.  While listening to the radio the other day, I heard about “vanity sizing”. I guess I have known that companies do this but I didn’t realize how prevalent it is and that we actually have a name for it.  For those who don’t know, vanity sizing refers to what clothing companies do when they purposely change the sizes in their clothes to…

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Jun 10

June 10, 2014

Accomplishing Your Goals

I had a goal once I got pregnant that I would keep running up until 35 weeks.  I recently met my goal this past weekend!  I ran 3 miles (very slowly, with many breaks).  It felt really good to set a goal like that and follow through.  I knew it would be a challenge but knew it was something that I could achieve.  It wasn’t easy but it was important to me and I did it. I also had a…

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May 30

May 30, 2014

It’s not so bad being THAT girl

  (That’s me before going out for my run on Monday!) I never thought I would ever want to be labeled as that girl.  You know, the one that people stare at.  The one that people probably talk to someone else about and comment about.  Just that girl.  But on Monday, that’s how I felt.  Turns out, it wasn’t all that bad. If you live in Chicago, then you know how busy the lakefront path can get when it’s warm outside.  The lakefront is…

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