Buffalo Chicken Sliders

March 8, 2016|Posted in: Uncategorized

This is a short and quick post but I found a recipe I really like so of course I wanted to share! I love when friends and other bloggers share great recipes so I want to let you know about one I found recently.

Back in early February, we had my parents over for the Super Bowl. We had a simple menu of your normal staples like chips and salsa, a veggie tray, french onion dip and chips, etc. But I wanted to include something for a main dish with some protein.

I stumbled upon these buffalo chicken sandwiches and figured I would give them a try. They were super simple (crockpot meal) and tasted really good. They won everyone over and we will definitely eat them again. They are great for a party or gathering and you don’t have to be cooking the whole time.

I bought smaller buns to make them into sliders and Brett made some coleslaw to top them with. I also got some blue cheese in case anyone wanted to top theirs with that. They were delicious and we happily ate leftovers the next day! Enjoy!


I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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