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Aug 27

August 27, 2013

Day 9 – Day 14

Tuesday, August 20– Day 9 Flight points.  My husband has accumulated a lot of these.  Unfortunately, this is due to travel and means he had to leave me in order to do this.  But, instead of looking at it in a negative way, it can also turn into a positive thing.  Like him accumulating points so that I can fly to meet up with him (as I am now). Cities.  I love cities – all types of cities in all…

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Aug 20

August 20, 2013

You didn’t think I forgot, did you? Day 4 – Day 8

You didn’t think I forgot, did you?  I have been writing down my “3 things” every day.  I figured I would start to post them in batches though so I don’t go into posting overload every day.  Plus, I might have some other posts on some fun information I want to share. So, here is how my little project is coming along! 8/15/2013 – Day 4 Books.  I am reading a really great book right now (on health and fitness). …

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Aug 15

August 15, 2013

What I am thankful for – Day 3

Here we go… onto day 3!  I am loving this challenge so far and really starting to see how this can make a positive influence on your life.  So here goes day 3: 1. Laughter.  I am really thankful for laughing.  Who doesn’t enjoy it?!  I had a few good laughs today at work and I truly realize that the older saying “laughter is the best medicine” is true – for anything. 2. Music.  I listened to Pandora on my…

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Aug 14

August 14, 2013

Ideas for a time crunch

Proper planning is essential for getting in your workouts as needed and preparing food so you eat well.  However, sometimes life just gets in the way.  Even for me (and trust me, I am quite the planner when it comes to exercise and healthy eating)!  So, I thought I would put together a brief list of some simple exercises I do at home when I’m in a time crunch and just can’t get to the gym that day or you…

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Aug 14

August 14, 2013

Day 2

If you read my last post then you know I am on a streak right now of posting for 21 days the 3 things that I am thankful for each day.  So here goes day 2! 1. Choices.  I realized today that I have so many choices in life and don’t realize how awesome that is sometimes.  I choose what I eat, what I do with my time, and with my life.  I chose today to eat healthy, be nice…

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Aug 13

August 13, 2013

Don’t ever underestimate who you can learn from!

Normally I post things about food and exercise.  After all, in order to be fit and healthy you need to focus on those things.  But you also need to focus on mental/spiritual health – whatever that may mean to you.  Being healthy in your mind plays a big role on your overall health.  Which leads me to today’s post… Don’t ever underestimate who you can learn from. I learned this the other day at work.  An intern did a presentation…

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