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Aug 9

August 9, 2013

My experience with Crossfit… I’m still sore.

The two most important rules I like to follow when it comes to exercise are 1. Do something you enjoy and 2. Mix it up.  I listened to my own advice and recently started doing Crossfit.  I have done it the past 3 weeks and taken a total of 6 classes (and a 30 min personal training session).  When people tell you Crossfit is intense… they are. not. kidding. A friend spotted a Living Social coupon not so long ago…

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Jul 18

July 18, 2013

A milestone birthday requires some goals

I will be turning 30 one month from today and have decided to set some goals for myself involving my physical and mental health.  Things that will help me spiritually as well as things that will help me maintain my health and fitness level I am at now.  I know that 30 isn’t all that old so this is no crisis I am going through I assure you but I think a significant birthday like this one is a great…

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Jul 10

July 10, 2013

Join me on my run!

Reflecting on the holiday weekend we had recently I realized that I had a really great Fourth of July.  I got to spend some quality time with my husband, some family, and even do a few fun random things (one of them was practice my golf swing… that was just funny!). That day started off with something really great though – a run!  This run was different from ones I have had recently.  This was the first time in awhile…

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Jun 18

June 18, 2013

Have you had your brussel sprouts lately?

Until about two years ago, I would have told you that I don’t like brussel sprouts.  I would have made a face as if something stinks, wrinkled my nose, and said I didn’t like them.  Well thankfully my husband came into the picture (for many other reasons) because he introduced me to this wonderful vegetable. After discovering how much I actually LOVE brussel sprouts I started cooking them all the time!  And funny enough, my husband now prefers the way…

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Jun 14

June 14, 2013

Should food labels change?

Have you ever actually read the labels of the foods you buy?  I feel as if a majority of us stand in the grocery store checking out various labels as we shop.  I know I do.  I want to know how many calories are in what I am about to buy and I also check the ingredients to see if anything really bad is hiding in there.  When you really think about it though, what does all this information really…

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May 4

May 4, 2013

Country Music Marathon Recap

Training for, and running, my third marathon was not as easy as I thought.  Having run two before this I knew that it would be hard, time consuming, and a challenge like the others but I also thought it would be a lot easier come the day of the race.  However, no race is ever the same and this one proved just that. One of the main reasons I signed up for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville was because…

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