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Jul 27

July 27, 2016

Wine and Popcorn

I mean, the title of this post at least has your attention, right? Wine? Always. Popcorn? Yes, please! I personally love this little combo for a late night snack after the kids are in bed and my husband and I are watching a movie (assuming I don’t fall asleep during it these days!). I will fully admit that at the end of the day I love unwinding with a glass of wine. After a long day at work, getting everything…

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Mar 9

March 9, 2016

What’s for dinner? There are apps for that!

What’s for dinner? Does anyone else get as stressed about this question as I do? I know it’s silly. Of all the things in the world, I really shouldn’t stress about what to have for dinner. But without fail, I usually do. I want the dinner to be something that tastes good (of course), is healthy, and doesn’t take a lot of time to cook (because there is usually a toddler hanging on to my leg). So I struggle to…

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Oct 27

October 27, 2015

Recipe: Cowboy Stirfry

My stepmom introduced me to a new favorite recipe so I have to give her credit here. It is super simple and quick to prepare. Plus, my husband absolutely loves it. He calls it the Cowboy Stir-fry. This recipe has 3 ingredients (seriously!) and is delicious. It does take an hour to cook but it’s so easy to make so we don’t mind just popping it in the oven to cook. It’s also pretty healthy and I imagine you could…

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Jun 16

June 16, 2015

Recipe Round Up: What I’m Loving Lately

Since I try to eat healthy most of the time, I am always on the hunt for new recipes to make. I generally like to make things that taste great, are quick and easy to make, and don’t cost a fortune. I get these recipes from all over – searching the internet, Pinterest, and getting suggestions from my stepmom. In fact, most of them are recommended from her because she’s a great cook and likes to eat healthy too. Lucky…

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May 27

May 27, 2015

How I plan to teach my children about health and fitness

I am 11 years older than my “little” sister. I put little in quotes because she’s actually not little at all, she’s about 3 inches taller than me but you know, it’s that whole she’ll-always-be-little-to-me thing. Because of this though, I remember so many things from her childhood. The other day I was thinking about how I want to raise my own daughter to be healthy and take care of her body when I remembered a conversation my sister had…

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May 8

May 8, 2015

Quick/Healthy Breakfast Idea

Since I’ve become a full time working mom now, I have realized I need to be a lot more efficient and I need simple, quick recipes to make sure I actually get to eat. Breakfast is such an important meal and to me, it makes a difference in my whole day. I just have to eat breakfast or I have zero energy… and I’m not such a nice person either! So I realized I need something quick that I can…

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