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Sep 3

September 3, 2014

Taco Tuesday!

Life is BUSY these days!  So figuring out how my husband and I are going to eat a healthy dinner has become a little more challenging.  But, we’re finding ways! So last night was Taco Tuesday at our house (I will have another post on our theme nights later – our nephew gave us this idea).  I had something to go to around 6:00 so my husband was going to be home with our daughter.  I got home around 7:45…

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Mar 10

March 10, 2014

Kitchen Creation: Black Bean Quesadillas

While I do not claim to be a chef of any sort, the fact is that we all have to eat, right?  So inevitably, I end up making my own recipes from time to time.  The main thing I focus on when coming up with my own recipes is that they are quick and healthy.  I am busy but still want to eat healthy so that is the most important thing to me. The other night I threw together some…

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Feb 26

February 26, 2014

Staying healthy through my pregnancy: 20 week update!

I’m halfway there!  I can’t believe it.  It seems crazy that I’ve already been pregnant for 20 weeks and like it’s flown by.  At the same time, it seems like forever since I wasn’t thinking about babies and just enjoying a glass of wine with my husband after work.  It seems like it’s gone by fast and slow at the same time. So in my last post I informed you of how things went in the first trimester.  A little…

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Jan 8

January 8, 2014

Recipe Spotted: Skinny Skillet Lasagna

I’ve never been a huge fan of cooking until a few years ago.  I just found it stressful and difficult.  I am still no chef by any means (the chef in our house still remains my husband) but I have enjoyed trying some new recipes, especially healthy ones.  I like to go for recipes that don’t have too many ingredients so it cuts down on costs, are fairly quick to make, and healthy.  Pinterest works wonders for finding my recipes…

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Oct 30

October 30, 2013

Recipe Spotted: Egg Muffins

I love trying new recipes.  Pinterest is fantastic for this (among other things).   The most recent one I tried for breakfast was delicious and I’m here to tell you about it! I love breakfast and truly believe it’s such an important part of your day.  Not only because it gets your metabolism going in the morning but I also feel like it can really set the tone of your day.  When you have a good, healthy breakfast I feel like…

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Oct 24

October 24, 2013

Kitchen Creation: Quinoa “Fried Rice”

It’s rare for me that I get time to prepare a meal that takes a lot of time so I usually have to come up with something pretty quick.  Especially if my husband isn’t around that night to cook.  (The man can make anything from scratch out of whatever he finds.  He wings it and it somehow always turns out right.  So unfair.) So the other night I posted this picture: I knew I wanted to eat healthy and didn’t…

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