I will run for Boston next weekend

April 17, 2013|Posted in: Health, Mind, Running, Spirit

Lining up for my first marathon is something I will never forget.  I was nervous, excited, anxious, scared, you name it.  The four months leading up to the marathon were tough.  The long runs, taking time out of my schedule and social life to train, waking up at 5 am on Saturdays to train, the blisters, the heat, the little nagging injuries, all of it.  I was proud to be standing at that start line though after doing all that.


Along with the time, effort, and strength it took to train I was more proud of what I was running for.  With the help of my friends and family I raised money for a charity that meant a lot to me – the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  It felt good to raise the money and run for such a good cause and for others who are suffering.  It was the people fighting an awful disease that would get me through 26.2 miles.

I was worried about a lot of things during the race.  What if I got too dehydrated?  What if my Achilles starts acting up again?  What if my knee gives me trouble?  What if I can’t find my husband (then fiancé) on the sidelines cheering me on?  What if I am in a lot of pain and feel like I can’t finish?  What if, what if, what if.  There were a lot of those.

The thing I wasn’t worried about was a bomb going off that day.  I wasn’t worried that I could potentially die from a bomb or lose a limb.  I wasn’t worried that my husband out there waiting to watch me might get hurt in an explosion.  None of those things ever crossed my mind.  And they shouldn’t have.

What happened in Boston yesterday was awful.  It is something I know I will never forget.  The pictures I have seen so far from that day make me so sad.  It gives me chills and breaks my heart to know this happened.

Running a marathon isn’t just about getting the medal or being able to say you did one.  It isn’t just about being someone that likes running.  It’s about something bigger.  It’s about working hard and accomplishing something.  For a lot of people it’s about a charity near to their heart.  Sometimes it is about a family member who passed away.  Sometimes it’s about doing something you never thought you were capable of.  It’s about seeing your friends and family on the sidelines, or being one of those people on the sidelines, out there watching.  The marathon is so much more than a race.

I have dreamt of running Boston many times.  I have had numerous conversations about what it would be like to qualify.  I have even though I just might be able to do it.  The Boston Marathon is a great event and is something that should be about positive energy and excitement.  Yesterday this was turned upside down.

While yesterday might have been that way I don’t think it will be going forward.  I think that this will bring more determination than ever.  To continue doing something like this along with other things in life that we should be allowed to do WITHOUT fear.  Without starting off thinking “what if a bomb goes off right now”?

I am running my third marathon next weekend in Nashville.  I have always run marathons for a cause.  The first time I ran for cancer.  The second time I ran in my mind for the people who can’t.  The people I know with MS or have other circumstances where they can’t run.  Next weekend, I run for Boston.  I run for the runners, the fans, the people living in Boston, and all others affected by this terrible tragedy.  That is what will get me through my next 26.2 miles.


I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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