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March 27, 2015|Posted in: Mom, Personal

Sometimes I need a reality check.

I get caught up in all this stuff that I think is important.  My to-do list gets too long and I get overwhelmed.  I think about all these things I have to do and forget to be in the moment.

Today started off a little bit rough.  Not the worst day ever or terrible, just a little crazy.

Brett is out of town for work.  Our cat puked at 4 am so I had to get up and clean that.  Ady woke up at 5 am ready to party.  I dropped an entire container of blueberries all over our floor. ( I think Ady was really looking forward to those.)

blue berries

And then I had to bust a move to get dressed and ready for an interview.  After the interview, I took Ady to the grocery store, flying through the aisles like a crazy lady because my daughter was screeching.  As I was trying to put all the groceries away at home, Ady decided to destroy her used-to-be organized diaper bag.

diaper bag

I then had to eat my lunch (you know, whatever leftovers I could find in our refrigerator that didn’t smell like they were old) sitting on our kitchen floor because Ady wouldn’t let me sit at the kitchen table (it’s Adyson’s world, I just live in it).

lunch on floor

I couldn’t get much done.

ady clinging

I was just tired.  I wanted to check something off my to-do list.

And then.



Ady didn’t want to take her afternoon nap so I finally decided to just let her sleep in our bed with me because I hoped that she would actually fall asleep.  Well she did.

And I loved every minute.  So I took some pictures of us lying there when she woke up.

I didn’t care that all the books tell you not to create bad habits with your child.  I didn’t care that there were sticky blueberries still stuck on our kitchen floor.  I didn’t care that my to-do list had nothing checked off.

It was something as simple as snuggling up with my daughter that made my day.  That gave me my reality check.  All the other stuff can wait.

Sometimes we really, truly, need to just live in the moment.

cuddling 2


“Happiness, not in another place but this place… not for another hour, but this hour.” -Walt Whitman

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