Love Low-Cal Cocktails?!

March 25, 2015|Posted in: Chicago, Health, Recipes

It’s no secret that alcoholic drinks can add up to a lot of calories.  One margarita alone can have 500 calories.  Just one!  I do love margaritas though.  Paired with a good bowl of chips and some salsa… it’s a perfect combo.  However, this isn’t so great for the waist line or your health.

While having one of those drinks once in awhile won’t hurt, it’s just not realistic to assume you can drink those and stay on track with your weight.  So I have been loving the new lighter versions of drinks that have been coming out.  My husband and I have also been experimenting a little at home making our own lightened up versions of drinks.

Lucky for you, I was recently able to try some drinks from Slim Lizzy’s.  There are two flavors – margarita and cosmopolitan.  They are malt free and come in these fun little cans.

Slim Lizzy 1


The more important part to note here is that they are only 80 calories and 3 grams of sugar a can.  That calorie saving is pretty hard to beat when it comes to cocktails!

Slim Lizzy 2

Slim Lizzy 3

Now, I’m normally a margarita kind of gal but I have to say, I actually might have liked the cosmopolitan a little better than the margarita flavor!  I was surprised about that.  They aren’t strong drinks but not every drink needs to be.

I love coming home after a long day and having a glass of wine.  So I wouldn’t say one of these would be my regular go-to drink but I don’t think that’s what it’s for.  (I don’t think people normally come home and have a margarita every night.)  What I see these drinks being great for is a fun girl’s night at my house, a cookout during the summer, or just when we have friends over and I know I want to have a drink but don’t want to drink a ton of calories.

It’s also great for any parties where you know you will be drinking more than normal.  It’s great to have a drink that won’t make you wake up feeling guilty about all the calories you just consumed.  I work hard staying healthy and in shape.  I want to enjoy a cocktail and not ruin that hard work.

I encourage you to check out their website.  You can enter your zip code and find out exactly where these are sold!  They also have some great articles about their products AND even more fun, they share some recipes for more cocktails using these drinks.  I can’t wait to try the Blueberry Cosmo!


I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.