Mason’s Birth Story

July 12, 2016|Posted in: Mom, Personal, Pregnancy

My second labor was very different from my first. With my daughter, Adyson, my water broke naturally and she was born 3 1/2 weeks early (but perfectly healthy!). This time, Mason decided he liked it in my belly a lot more and stuck around for a bit longer. However, we did end up forcing him out since I was induced.

Being induced was not something I wanted. Nothing against anyone else who chooses this but I just felt that I wanted him to come when he was ready and on his own. To be honest, I really think he would have come close to the exact day when he did since I was feeling some contractions that woke me up the night before I was induced but I have no way of really knowing obviously.

To make a long story short, the reason I was induced is so that we could make sure my husband would be there. Due to his work schedule, there was a chance that he might not be able to be at the birth and that was something we had a really hard time with. We had to decide whether to risk that situation or just let my doctor induce me after 39 weeks. We chose induction so that Brett could be there and I’m personally happy with the decision.

My induction was scheduled for June 20th when I was 39 weeks + 2 days. As I mentioned, around midnight the night before I started to feel some contractions that woke me up. I knew it wasn’t quite time for the “real thing” but they were definitely more intense. I didn’t get much sleep that night unfortunately.

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 4:30 am – ugh! I got up early that morning to shower and we were there on time as instructed (before the sun was even up!). When we arrived the staff told us they had double the amount of women come in having babies than they normally do. It was a full moon so maybe there is some truth to that whole myth! Because of this, we ended up sitting in the waiting room for THREE hours before I got a room. That was the worst part of the whole situation and I was pretty frustrated.

We finally got into a room around 7:30 am. My doctor came right in (she was also wondering what the hold up was) and explained to me what she wanted to do. She wanted to just break my water and see how things progressed from there. Because I had Ady so quickly she thought it might be a similar situation with this one. So the nurse first got me all set up with my IV which I almost passed out during. I don’t do well with needles at all and I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything so that didn’t help. I started getting pretty nauseous and the nurse had to put alcohol pads under my nose to keep me from passing out!

Soon after, I started to feel better and my doctor came back in around 8:00 am. She broke my water right away and ordered my epidural immediately. My contractions also started coming pretty quickly!

The anesthesiologist came in about 30 to 45 minutes later to give me my epidural. Again – needles! I started passing out again as she was giving it to me. Brett and the nurse were trying to keep me from passing out since they needed me to be awake. Again, the alcohol pads came out and Brett was so great at talking me through it and reminding me to breath. I have to say he did so well. With Ady, I was in so much pain and already to 8 cm so I don’t even remember any pain during the epidural process! This time I was around 3 or 4 cm so some pain but not unbearable. So different!

Once I was finally all pain free and not passing out, Brett and I just chatted a little bit and tried to lay down to get in a little nap before all the action began. This didn’t last long because I started to get really nauseous. I told Brett that I felt like I was going to throw up. Then the machines near me starting beeping and going off. Brett called the nurse and she realized that my blood pressure had dropped really low. She and another nurse tried to get it to go back up and give me more fluids but nothing was working. So the anesthesiologist had to come back in and give me some extra medicine to help.

At about 11 am the nurse came in to check me and said I was ready! Brett and I couldn’t believe it. She called my doctor and I started crying. It was happy tears and just realizing I was about to meet my son. Once I started pushing though, my nausea was coming back again. I just couldn’t seem to get that under control! So the nurse had to get Zofran to put in my IV to help with the nausea so I could actually push. That helped me a ton so I was finally ready to get that baby out!

After the meds kicked in and I pushed for a bit, Mason was born at 11:53 am! I cried of course and was so happy to meet him. Brett and I couldn’t believe we were suddenly a family of 4!

Overall, it was a good birth experience and I didn’t end up needing pitocin at all. My water breaking was all I needed to get the party started and my doctor was right, I have babies fast!

Brett was amazing the whole time too. He cheered me on, kept comforting me, and was so supportive. Being induced to have him there during the process and meeting his son was well worth it. Now we are enjoying out new little bundle of joy!






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