My Fitness Routine During Pregnancy – Baby #2

January 22, 2016|Posted in: Mom, Running, Workouts


My first pregnancy with my daughter was fairly comfortable (as far as pregnancies go), I had a good amount of energy for the most part, and I had a really great labor (5 1/2 hours total and she was here!). I truly think the reason for all this is because I exercised my entire pregnancy.

So this time I plan to do the same – mostly. The first trimester is a just-do-whatever-you-can time for me. I did whatever I could possibly stomach and manage on so much fatigue. But now that my morning sickness has subsided and some of my energy is back I can get on more of a workout plan.

If you read my blog you know my favorite form of exercise is running. I ran throughout my whole pregnancy with my daughter. I actually ran 2 miles the day I went into labor with her. So I plan to keep up this routine for as long as it’s comfortable with baby #2. If I get really uncomfortable or if I have any pain, I will stop. It just isn’t worth the risk to my baby. If I feel good though, I will keep it up. And my doctor is completely supportive of this.

I have been running about 4 days a week and doing weights/cross training about 2 days a week. Sometimes I miss a day in the week but for the most part I have kept up with that. My runs are usually around 3 – 5 miles and my pace is about a minute slower than I would normally run at this point (I am almost 18 weeks right now).

I want to point out that running 3 – 5 miles is not a lot for me. Prior to pregnancy I would run around 7 – 10 miles on a Saturday. So this is definitely scaled down for me. It’s important to know that because you shouldn’t compare your workouts during pregnancy to someone else’s. Everyone’s fitness levels are different. For some people, running 1 mile is great! For others, running 8 miles while pregnant isn’t a big deal. It really matters what you are comfortable with and what your body is used to.

When I do weights/cross training, I typically make up my own workout or do a video. I actually like 21 day fix because of the time limit (30 minutes) but there are some exercises I can’t do. It is not recommended for pregnant women to do exercises that involve a lot of bouncing or any exercises lying on your back. So that does limit some of the things I can do in the video workouts.

Some ideas of things I do when I just need a few exercises are squats, lunges, kettle bell swings, wall sits, planks, pushups, tricep dips, and curls. Simple but effective. There are plenty of others you can do but I just like doing those because they don’t require a lot of equipment.

My hope is to keep up with this exercise plan throughout my whole pregnancy but I know that could change and I am open to that. I will modify things as needed and most of all I won’t push myself too hard. I don’t take my Garmin watch on my runs because I don’t want to focus on pace. I want to focus on just enjoying a nice, relaxing run. I can pick up the pace later after I have the baby… hopefully!

I also might incorporate a couple barre and yoga classes if I can. Those are great options too!

I am a really big believer in exercising while pregnant. There are so many benefits for you and your baby!

(Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise plan while pregnant. This is just my plan and has been approved by my doctor.)

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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