New Years Resolutions and Failures

January 3, 2013|Posted in: Health, Workouts

I used to hate New Year’s resolutions. I thought they were pointless. I figured if you want to have a goal or do something then just do it. Why do we need a specific date or holiday to force us? But then I realized that was a little unfair. If someone wants to make a resolution because of a new year, holiday, whatever then go for it. As long as you stick to it and plan well, it’s really not a bad idea. I have softened to this idea and now realize that making a resolution is worth it no matter what the date.

So why do so many people say they don’t work? I personally think it comes down to planning. We all get hyped up about the new year and keep thinking “this is the year!” when I will accomplish XYZ. Well, the problem is that XYZ is normally a TON of things or a HUGE goal. I want to star in a movie. Okay, maybe not that extreme but pretty close to the big huge idea we get for what we want to achieve. Let’s first be honest with ourselves – we are who we are and it’s only ONE year. That doesn’t mean we can’t have goals but lets get realistic first.

A friend of mine is currently planning for a family so she has some specific goals in mind. Well, she told me how she is planning for it and I thought it was such a great idea! I think it’s great for all of us and how we can decide our New Years resolutions. Separate your goals into 3 different lists – 1st list is for things you MUST do. These are not negotiable and must be done. The 2nd list is for things you REALLY want to get done but it won’t be the end of the world if you just can’t do it. The 3rd list is for things that would just be great to get done if you have that extra time. This way your goals seem much more manageable and you realize which ones are most important.

The other thing that I think is important is setting more specific goals and with a timeline. For instance, my husband bought me a book on strength training and learning the different muscles of the body. I want to read this book to share this knowledge with you and so I know more about the human body. I am giving myself a timeline for this and setting a date of when it must be done. This is just an example of how you can get more specific with your goals.

Being healthy involves the mind, emotions, physical aspects, and many other things. That is what your goals should be about. My New Years resolutions involve many things – expanding my blog/website/facebook page, reading more books, running another big race (another marathon perhaps?!), climbing the ladder at work in my position, and making more time for fun things like date nights, decorating our condo, and enjoying the city of Chicago. All of these things will improve my health in one way or another.

I encourage all of you to think about your own resolutions you have made a little more. Make the manageable so you can achieve them. Tell someone what they are so you are held accountable. Dig deep down to remember why you made them so you can stay motivated. Remember that it’s okay to have set backs, to slip up, or to feel as if you are struggling. The important thing is to try, try hard, and be proud of what you DO achieve.

Here’s to a fabulous 2013 – in happiness and health!!

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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