Sep 16

September 16, 2015


I’m just going to get straight to the point in this blog post – I have been experiencing burnout lately. Burnout with running. Burnout with blogging. And burnout just in general. This is why I haven’t posted a blog in a while. I just started feeling really run down and needed a break. I am the type of person that likes to take on a lot. Honestly, I work better that way when I have a lot of stuff going…

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Aug 28

August 28, 2015

Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard because (duh) it’s uncomfortable. I looked up the exact definition of uncomfortable and it’s described as “causing or feeling unease or awkwardness”. Awkwardness – exactly. I don’t like that awkward feeling. But I’m learning to accept it more. In the past couple of years, I have had to step out of my comfort zone more times than I probably wanted. I like being in my own little world with my friends, husband,…

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Aug 21

August 21, 2015

Mental Recovery after a Bad Run

Last weekend on my long run day (Sunday), I was supposed to do 15 miles. I haven’t run over 13 miles in a little while so I knew this one would be a little more challenging but I felt like it wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately, the entire run was just a bust. I ended up running 14 miles but I didn’t feel great after it like I normally do and I was pretty bummed out. Sunday morning when I…

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Aug 20

August 20, 2015

The first time I didn’t feel guilty

I know I’ve talked about mom guilt before and it is ROUGH. I have had a really hard time adjusting to this since becoming a mom. Anything and everything can make me feel guilty. If I’m doing something other than spending time with my daughter, I feel like I’m a bad mom. But the truth is I’m not. I’m human. And just because I do something without her or doing something for myself, doesn’t make me a terrible mom. It’s…

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Aug 19

August 19, 2015

The perfect sports bra has been found!

I told you recently that I am now a Brick Betty Fit Professional and I’m still very excited about this new adventure! As I learn more and more about this company, I thrive on the passion, quality, and excitement they bring to their clothing line. Recently, I tried out the Brick Betty bra. It looked great on the website but of course seeing it in your hands is always different than on the internet. The very first thing I noticed…

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Aug 18

August 18, 2015

How I Lost the Baby Weight

I was resistant to talking about this topic for a few reasons: I don’t think getting your body back should be your #1 priority, I didn’t want to give in to society’s crazy expectations, and we are all built differently so there just isn’t a secret, magical solution that will drop your baby weight (sorry). BUT, I get it. I understand what it’s like after you have a baby and you want to wear your normal clothes again. You want…

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