Running in the HEAT (Seriously, I’m melting!)

July 23, 2015|Posted in: Running

Does anyone else feel like they are melting every day? Holy moly! This summer has been HOT and it has been especially hard to run in these types of temps. Living in Chicago it would get hot but not this type of hot in Tennessee. I swore I would never complain about hot weather after living in one of the coldest cities ever but here I am… whoops…

On a serious note, heat can be very dangerous. Heat related illnesses are nothing to mess around with so I thought I would share some of the things I do when running through this crazy weather. Since I am training for a race, I can’t avoid the heat all that much. Even though I have a treadmill, it’s in our 3rd garage spot so it’s actually even worse when I run on that since I don’t get any sort of breeze. (Brett is trying to convince me to move it inside the house but I just can’t decide where I want it to go and I’m afraid it would wake up Ady.)
So here are a few tips to survive the heat and keep running!

• Hydrate! I feel like my “tips” always involve hydrating but it’s so important. Make sure to get enough water! Your body needs it and it will help with how much you sweat out.

• Run in the morning or later at night. Basically, try to avoid running when the sun is out and directly on you. Have you ever run in shade and then run in the direct sun? HUGE difference. Try to stay away from those “peak” sunshine times.

• Stay near water. There is a trail close by me that I like to run on but I know where the water fountains are. If it didn’t have water fountains I would bring water or make sure I don’t go too far from it. You do not want to desperately need water when you are nowhere near it. Not a good idea.

• Prepare! Again, I like to run on a trail near my house so I also make sure I have essentials in the car for when I return. My hubby packed a cooler for me last time to put in the car (love that sweet man of mine) and he put two waters and a Gatorade on ice for me. Pack a wet cold towel too so you can put that on your face and neck! Prepare whatever you need to recover after you run.

• Adjust your pace. This is probably the most important thing to do and the one most ignored (I am guilty of having done this myself). You have to change your expectations when you are running in heat. It’s really important to understand that the temperatures change things in our bodies and we need to adjust our expectations. This means adjusting our pace. I know when it’s super-hot out I need to slow down. This is a great chart that shows just how much you have to slow down and I got it HERE.


Remember to be safe out there while running (or doing any physical activity) in the summer. Listen to your body and don’t underestimate what heat can do to you. Have fun, enjoy the summer, wear sunscreen, and be smart! 🙂

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