Work With Me

I live and work in the Nashville area where my personal training services are available. I am also available for remote nutrition consulting or fitness/running coaching by email or phone.

I also sometimes work with other companies or brands that I feel represent who I am and this blog. If you would like to collaborate on something, please contact me!

Please contact me today for more information or to set up a preliminary consultation.


Nutrition Coaching

Understanding nutrition is extremely important and essential to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. I will do the research for you on what I find out about nutrition.


Training Advice

As an avid runner, I have had a lot of experience in staying fit with exercise. I will share my tips and experiences so you will hopefully learn from my accomplishments and mistakes.


Healthy Living

Being fit and healthy is not only about nutrition, but also about a healthy mind. While I struggle with this just as much as you do, hopefully I can share some insight into what helps me stay positive and stress free as much as possible. I have bumps in the road just like we all do, but there are ways we can learn to manage this together.