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Jun 26

June 26, 2015

Review: Orangetheory Fitness

(Logo from Orangetheory Fitness website.) Since I moved to Nashville, I have been searching for gyms that have similar workouts to the ones I fell in love with in Chicago (hence my last post). I really love the high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes and began a search immediately when we moved here. I stumbled upon Orange Theory Fitness and decided to try it out. They have quite a few locations throughout the country and 2 locations specifically that are…

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Mar 25

March 25, 2015

Love Low-Cal Cocktails?!

It’s no secret that alcoholic drinks can add up to a lot of calories.  One margarita alone can have 500 calories.  Just one!  I do love margaritas though.  Paired with a good bowl of chips and some salsa… it’s a perfect combo.  However, this isn’t so great for the waist line or your health. While having one of those drinks once in awhile won’t hurt, it’s just not realistic to assume you can drink those and stay on track with…

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Mar 26

March 26, 2014

The “McDonald’s Diet”?

  (Photo from Wikipedia – fast food) Did you hear about the guy who lost a ton of weight eating only… McDonald’s?!  Yes, it’s true.  Click HERE for the full article.  I was pretty surprised at first when I read this article.  But then I wasn’t. Is a calorie really just a calorie?  You can find so many articles that argue this point.  In my opinion and from what I have read/learned, you can’t really answer this question in a…

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Jun 14

June 14, 2013

Should food labels change?

Have you ever actually read the labels of the foods you buy?  I feel as if a majority of us stand in the grocery store checking out various labels as we shop.  I know I do.  I want to know how many calories are in what I am about to buy and I also check the ingredients to see if anything really bad is hiding in there.  When you really think about it though, what does all this information really…

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Apr 3

April 3, 2013

Sharing is caring… to your body!

Do you like to eat out at restaurants?  I love it!  I love trying new restaurants – the new food, cocktails, and getting a peek at what the atmosphere is all about.  Living in Chicago means I get to do this a lot.  I actually have a running list of places that I want to go to.  This is a favorite activity for my husband and me. More often than not restaurants have a signature item they are really proud…

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