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May 12

May 12, 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

I had such a great Mother’s Day yesterday. It was just such a good day to spend with my family and I really, really enjoyed it. Plus, I discovered some new spots in Nashville, possibly the best brunch I have ever had, and found out my little girl is going to be quite the water baby. Brett and Ady woke me up with a cute little card. Ady was holding it in her hand waving it at me. It had…

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Mar 27

March 27, 2015

Live in the Moment

Sometimes I need a reality check. I get caught up in all this stuff that I think is important.  My to-do list gets too long and I get overwhelmed.  I think about all these things I have to do and forget to be in the moment. Today started off a little bit rough.  Not the worst day ever or terrible, just a little crazy. Brett is out of town for work.  Our cat puked at 4 am so I had…

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Feb 11

February 11, 2014

Why being skinny won’t (and shouldn’t) make you happy

  (A moment of happiness in Hawaii!) Have you ever heard that money can’t buy you happiness?  Of course you have.  That’s the same way I feel about being skinny.  It won’t buy you happiness. This might seem like I’m a hypocrite saying this considering I strongly promote a healthy and active lifestyle but I promise I’m not.  The reason I promote this lifestyle is NOT about being skinny.  It’s about being healthy.  It’s about preventing diseases like cancer and…

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