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Aug 14

August 14, 2015

Lately: Marathon Training weeks 4/5 and traveling with our toddler (yikes!)

So the past few weeks of marathon training I feel like I have been slacking just a little bit. My weekday runs haven’t been as long or intense as they should be. I have been having trouble squeezing in the time to get them done. I run in the morning because I wouldn’t have time to run at night until Ady goes to bed and by then I am exhausted. Plus, I am just a morning runner. That is the…

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Aug 5

August 5, 2015

Weekend Workouts and Protein Shakes (and other fun stuff)

Saturday was a cross training day so I did the Upper Fix video on 21 Day Fix. And then I chased a toddler around… My training plan called for 12 miles on my long run day. I normally do long runs on Sundays and because we have a child, Brett and I haven’t been able to do these together… until now! My parents were able to watch Ady (thanks guys!) while we went out for a run. I forgot how…

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Jul 28

July 28, 2015

Marathon Training Week 3 – Changing Things Up

So my third week of marathon training went okay except for running on sore legs which I mentioned yesterday and my speed workout once again was a bust. I don’t know what my deal is but I just can’t seem to recover well from doing sprints. It wears me out and then I don’t end up finishing the workout. I think most of this is due to the heat honestly. I’m either running outside where it’s hot or on my…

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Jul 27

July 27, 2015

The Weekend and That Was Dumb

I’m happy to report that I did both my planned workouts this weekend. However, I did something really dumb. For my cross training workout on Saturday I did a leg workout. Then Sunday I ran 10 miles. So how do you think my legs are feeling? Terrible! Every part of my legs is currently aching. I don’t recommend working similar muscle groups like that 2 days in a row. It really wasn’t smart of me but Brett was doing that…

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Jul 21

July 21, 2015

Marathon Training Week 2

The second week of marathon training started off uneventful but ended up really chaotic! My workouts went a little better actually. The first week I was still getting into the groove and felt like running was a little harder. I had more of my runner’s high I love this past week so that was great! During the beginning of the week my workouts were going well. I was tired in the morning but I knew if I didn’t work out…

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Jul 19

July 19, 2015

Marathon Training Week 1

I’m a little late on this post! A week to be exact, yikes. So you will get the week #2 update soon, lucky you! The first week of marathon training wasn’t all that eventful because it’s the first week so I’m pretty much doing what I usually do in terms of running and working out. I ran 4 days out of the week, did cross training on 2 days, and had a rest day. I use Mondays as my rest…

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