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Jan 15

January 15, 2016

In The Trenches

I’m always 8 steps behind (maybe 10, maybe even 20). I can’t keep up. My thought process the other day when a little like this: I have to get my clothes to the dry cleaners by tonight or they won’t be ready by Tuesday and then I won’t have anything to wear for work. But I need to pick up diapers for Ady. I will do all this on the way home. But I need to be home by 4:30…

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Aug 20

August 20, 2015

The first time I didn’t feel guilty

I know I’ve talked about mom guilt before and it is ROUGH. I have had a really hard time adjusting to this since becoming a mom. Anything and everything can make me feel guilty. If I’m doing something other than spending time with my daughter, I feel like I’m a bad mom. But the truth is I’m not. I’m human. And just because I do something without her or doing something for myself, doesn’t make me a terrible mom. It’s…

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Aug 7

August 7, 2015

I’m THAT Mom and I don’t feel guilty about it

I’m the mom who works out. And I make it a priority. And no, I don’t feel guilty about it. As Moms, there is so much “mom guilt” out there and it can really tear you down. Really, really bring you down. A lot of it we put on ourselves and a lot of it is pushed on us by others. I know many moms are continuously trying to fight off this guilt (me included). A lot of what this…

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