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Jul 27

July 27, 2015

The Weekend and That Was Dumb

I’m happy to report that I did both my planned workouts this weekend. However, I did something really dumb. For my cross training workout on Saturday I did a leg workout. Then Sunday I ran 10 miles. So how do you think my legs are feeling? Terrible! Every part of my legs is currently aching. I don’t recommend working similar muscle groups like that 2 days in a row. It really wasn’t smart of me but Brett was doing that…

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Jul 21

July 21, 2015

Marathon Training Week 2

The second week of marathon training started off uneventful but ended up really chaotic! My workouts went a little better actually. The first week I was still getting into the groove and felt like running was a little harder. I had more of my runner’s high I love this past week so that was great! During the beginning of the week my workouts were going well. I was tired in the morning but I knew if I didn’t work out…

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Jul 19

July 19, 2015

Marathon Training Week 1

I’m a little late on this post! A week to be exact, yikes. So you will get the week #2 update soon, lucky you! The first week of marathon training wasn’t all that eventful because it’s the first week so I’m pretty much doing what I usually do in terms of running and working out. I ran 4 days out of the week, did cross training on 2 days, and had a rest day. I use Mondays as my rest…

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Jul 7

July 7, 2015

Training for a Marathon – with your Significant Other

(2013 Country Music Marathon) (2013 Country Music Marathon) (Hot Chocolate Race – Chicago) (Brett came out to support me run the Women’s Half Marathon – Chicago) In my opinion, training for a marathon is so much more fun when you do it with someone. You have someone to not just run with but vent to, compare runs, talk about all things running related, and the extra support is super helpful. It gets a little more interesting though when the person…

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Jun 26

June 26, 2015

Review: Orangetheory Fitness

(Logo from Orangetheory Fitness website.) Since I moved to Nashville, I have been searching for gyms that have similar workouts to the ones I fell in love with in Chicago (hence my last post). I really love the high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes and began a search immediately when we moved here. I stumbled upon Orange Theory Fitness and decided to try it out. They have quite a few locations throughout the country and 2 locations specifically that are…

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Jun 17

June 17, 2015

Where to find your next RACE!!

It’s no secret I LOVE running races. The whole experience is great to me. I have run numerous races and I have to say one of the hardest things about planning my races each year is actually finding them. When I was living in Chicago, I would get some serious winter blues so I would start planning my races in January for the summer and fall. I would have to search around online to find different ones. To be honest,…

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