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Aug 21

August 21, 2014

8 Lessons Learned from having a Baby

So most of us have heard all the usual things that you learn from having a baby – taking a shower is a luxury, sleep doesn’t happen, your house is always a mess, etc.  Well I have a few items to add to this list.  There are some things that I either wasn’t told or just didn’t fully realize until I had a baby. Although, can you ever really understand any of this until you’ve had a baby?!  Probably not….

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Jul 25

July 25, 2014

The First Run. Post Pregnancy.

  (I know… a selfie, but I had to get a picture before my first time back in the gym!) It was one of the best and worst runs I have ever had.  The first run after giving birth. I had been running throughout my whole pregnancy and had been feeling great.  I definitely slowed down with each month that passed but I was okay with that.  I got slower, took more walk breaks, and decreased my mileage but I…

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Jul 18

July 18, 2014

A Letter To My Former Body

To My Former Body: Yes, You. The one who looked a lot better in pictures. The one who had an almost-six pack. You hadn’thad a baby yet so you didn’t have that linea nigra line down your stomach that the doc says might never go away. You fit into those cute red shorts. Your hips were smaller and your butt was too. You didn’t even know what a muffin top was. Yes, former body, you were great. But I don’t…

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Jul 9

July 9, 2014

Whose body is that?

When I got pregnant I was prepared for body changes.  In fact, I welcomed them.  I knew my body needed to change to accommodate a growing baby and that was okay.  It wasn’t always easy seeing the scale go up and my stomach growing more and more but I expected that.  I knew I was working out, eating healthy most of the time, and doing what I was supposed to do to gain the right amount of weight. What I…

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Jul 2

July 2, 2014

Post Pregnancy: Getting Your Core Back

After having a baby, one of the things hit hardest on your body is your core.  You have gained a lot of weight in your stomach, can’t really do crunches since you cannot lie flat on your back during pregnancy, and your center of gravity has been way off.  Your core suffers unfortunately.  And since your core is so important for all other forms of exercise and daily activities, it’s important to focus on getting that part of your body…

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Jun 26

June 26, 2014

Final Verdict: Did exercise help me during pregnancy?

  (One of the last photos taken of me during my pregnancy! On the date of one of my showers.) So here I am at the end of my first pregnancy journey.  My little girl is finally here!  I am absolutely in love and could not be happier.  I figured I should write an update post though on how my pregnancy went.  This is sort of my “final verdict” on how I think exercising during pregnancy helps you throughout the…

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