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Feb 11

February 11, 2014

Why being skinny won’t (and shouldn’t) make you happy

  (A moment of happiness in Hawaii!) Have you ever heard that money can’t buy you happiness?  Of course you have.  That’s the same way I feel about being skinny.  It won’t buy you happiness. This might seem like I’m a hypocrite saying this considering I strongly promote a healthy and active lifestyle but I promise I’m not.  The reason I promote this lifestyle is NOT about being skinny.  It’s about being healthy.  It’s about preventing diseases like cancer and…

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Jan 8

January 8, 2014

Recipe Spotted: Skinny Skillet Lasagna

I’ve never been a huge fan of cooking until a few years ago.  I just found it stressful and difficult.  I am still no chef by any means (the chef in our house still remains my husband) but I have enjoyed trying some new recipes, especially healthy ones.  I like to go for recipes that don’t have too many ingredients so it cuts down on costs, are fairly quick to make, and healthy.  Pinterest works wonders for finding my recipes…

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