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Sep 24

September 24, 2015

Getting Things Done as a Working Mom

I’ve only been a mom now for 15 months but I’ve learned a LOT during that time. I’m still learning and I’m sure this will continue for many years. The biggest adjustment to having a child is simply not having enough time. To do anything! I’m a working mom and this post is in no way meant to be offensive towards stay at home moms. I was one for 10 months and that job is HARD. I have been working…

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May 22

May 22, 2015

Sticking to your fitness routine when traveling

Last week, I traveled to Burlington, Vermont for work. I never thought I would visit Vermont simply because I don’t know anyone there and it’s also not on the way to places I would typically go. However, that is the region I do work for so I found myself there! I had a little bit of a chaotic day getting there. My laptop decided to stop working as I was leaving and my flight ended up being really delayed so…

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May 21

May 21, 2015

Daycare: First month and tips

I wanted to write this post for the other mom’s out there who are handing their kids over to daycare during the day. Not that I don’t share love for the stay at home moms, because I do! It’s just that I now know this particular struggle and I felt like writing about it. The truth about it. I have always wanted this blog to be about all different aspects of my life and sometimes that includes the struggles too….

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Oct 7

October 7, 2014

When I quit my job – without a plan

Planning.  I am all about it.  I am a planner and I like knowing what’s going to happen.  My husband isn’t a planner at all so this actually works for us.  I take care of our calendar, the household things we need to plan, events, and I’m happy to. But what happens when you’re planning goes WAY off course?  When the things you always thought would happen a certain way… don’t?  And when you suddenly feel lost and question a…

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