Today I Didn’t Cry

July 14, 2016|Posted in: Mom, Personal

I didn’t cry today. I didn’t shed one tear. Why is this significant? Because yesterday, I cried.

Yesterday, I cried a lot. I cried when the baby kept waking up at night and my husband wasn’t there to help me because he’s gone for work. I cried when the baby then woke up at 4 am and fussed for about 4 hours straight. I cried when my toddler hit me and threw water at me. I cried when my toddler told me to go away when her grandmother picked her up to relieve me for a few hours. I cried when I tried to get just 15 minutes (seriously, only 15 minutes) to walk on the treadmill for my sanity and I had to get off about 8 times in those 15 minutes to get someone something. I cried when I wanted just a small glass of wine and 2 sips into it my baby decided to cluster feed and wanted to nurse all night. I cried when I couldn’t read my toddler a bed time story because the baby was freaking out.

All small things in life really but they seem like big things when you are 3 weeks in with a newborn.

But today was a different story.

Today, I smiled at my toddler as she ran around the playground. I called my husband to tell him I survived going to the park with two kids alone for the first time. I got to enjoy a little peace and quiet to myself during nap time (2 napping kids at once, woo hoo!). I did a little dance when I accomplished a few things on my long to-do list finally. I laughed with my toddler a lot. I covered both of my kids in kisses. I felt thankful for the time I got to spend with my sister.

Today my makeup stayed on (the minimal amount I had time to apply) instead of tears constantly running down my face washing it off.

Today I was able to stop and appreciate some of these crazy moments even though I’m so sleep deprived I barely know what day it is.

Things are insane right now. I’ve got a crazy toddler and 3 week old baby on my hands. I’m adjusting to a new normal and trying to raise some extremely unpredictable humans.

Some days it’s too overwhelming, I’m too tired, and I just cry.

But not today. Today was a good day. Today, I didn’t cry. I smiled, I laughed, and I was happy.


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