What I’ve been cooking up lately: Baby food!

January 29, 2015|Posted in: Health, Mom, Pregnancy

There are numerous things I looked forward to when I found out I was pregnant.  And with my beliefs on food, one of them was being able to make homemade baby food.  I hate that there are so many chemicals and crazy things in our food so I want to start my daughter’s life in a healthy way.  Knowing that I’m making the food means I know exactly what’s in there.

I enjoy cooking sometimes but I wouldn’t call myself a great cook at all.  I need a recipe and try to follow it exactly as it says (unlike my husband who can just whip something up from scratch and of course it tastes great).  Making homemade baby food was a challenge at first because I couldn’t find anything that gave me exact measurements or directions on what to do.  So I just had to wing it and go by trial and error (something that puts me totally out of my comfort zone).

I’ve only started this process recently so I haven’t made anything complicated.  Not that it’s hard though because luckily, you can only make simple things when babies first start eating food.  I don’t want to add a lot of spices yet and mix up too many ingredients because Adyson is still learning to eat.

I have a baby food maker (Baby Brezza) which has been great!  I love it honestly and you can still get away with making your own food without one but I think it’s perfect.  I just cut up whatever I want to give Ady, throw it in there and use the “steam + blend” option.  When I made her butternut squash (which she loved) I cooked that in the oven for an hour on 400 degrees.  Then I took out all the “meat” and used the Brezza.  For carrots, I just cut them up and the Brezza did the work.  I also made plums which I peeled, cored, and then cut up before throwing them in there.  Bananas were the same way.  Easy peasy!

A great website I have been checking out is Wholesome Baby Food.  I have found it a great resource.  I think my next challenge will be figuring out what to mix together.  It’s interesting because it’s not the way I would normally eat my food so I definitely have to get creative!

I just thought I would share how my experience has been going with this.  It’s been easy so far and it’s a great time saver and money saver.  I can make a big batch of food in just 15 minutes and then refrigerate or freeze most of it.  You could make a week’s worth of meals for your little one on Sunday and then you just have to heat it up for dinner time.  We all like a time saver, right?

Let me know if there are any great websites or recipes you have tried!

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.