Why being skinny won’t (and shouldn’t) make you happy

February 11, 2014|Posted in: Health, Mind, Running, Workouts



(A moment of happiness in Hawaii!)

Have you ever heard that money can’t buy you happiness?  Of course you have.  That’s the same way I feel about being skinny.  It won’t buy you happiness.

This might seem like I’m a hypocrite saying this considering I strongly promote a healthy and active lifestyle but I promise I’m not.  The reason I promote this lifestyle is NOT about being skinny.  It’s about being healthy.  It’s about preventing diseases like cancer and diabetes, about living longer, and about feeling good about yourself.

I felt like writing about this due to some news articles I was reading recently.  They stated that individuals, who are obese and basically scolded for being that way, do not lose weight.  In fact, their situation gets worse.  They get unhealthier and gain even more weight.  I have also seen recent articles about Jennifer Lawrence commenting on how it “should be illegal to call someone fat”.  Along those same lines another famous singer, Kesha, has entered rehab for an eating disorder.  This is NOT what being healthy is about and it’s unfortunate to read about these things.

Many people associate being healthy with being skinny.  And I get it.  It’s something that usually does come along with being healthy.  But not always.  Just because someone is skinny doesn’t always mean they are healthy and just because someone is a little overweight doesn’t mean they are unhealthy.

We each have a body type and it is what it is.  We can definitely make it healthier and shape it to a point that we are happy with it but if you carry weight in a certain area of your body or struggle with gaining muscle in a certain place it’s just the way you are built.  I have always said you should NOT want to look like someone else, just the healthiest version of yourself.

Being healthy is about feeling GOOD.  When I eat healthy, I feel better.  When I exercise, I feel better.  When I eat like crap, I feel like crap.  It’s that simple.  I challenge anyone to disagree with this about themselves.  There are also numerous proven studies that exercising and eating healthy foods prevents illness and diseases.  It also reduces stress, gives you more energy, and improves your attitude.  THOSE are the reasons to be healthy and fit.

You know what happens when you adopt those healthy habits?  You end up losing weight and quite possibly being skinny or thin or however you want to describe it.  Because it’s a payoff of hard work.  It’s just the icing on the cake (okay, bad analogy considering I’m talking about health and all but you know what I mean) of being healthy and working out.  It goes back to what I said in the beginning relating this all to money.  Money doesn’t buy you happiness.  There are tons of people in the world that are very wealthy and not happy.  But yes, I get it, it helps and reduces your financial stress.  The way you get to a point that you DO earn a good amount of money?  By working hard and I honestly believe – by being happy.  By putting effort into something and then the rewards just start to show up.  That’s how you become happy.  Working hard and enjoying the payoffs that follow.

If your goal is to just be skinny, I encourage you to change that.  You won’t be successful because you will be focusing on the wrong reason for eating healthy and exercising.  Change your goal to being healthy and fit for all the reasons I listed.  And do it for yourself.  Then, when you do see a smaller version of yourself, just be proud that it’s because of something you did and worked hard at.  It’s not easy with all the temptations out there today but it’s possible.  Don’t be hard on yourself because of a number on a scale.  Be proud of yourself because you are prolonging your life and your happiness.

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.