Wine and Popcorn

July 27, 2016|Posted in: Health, Nutrition, Personal

I mean, the title of this post at least has your attention, right? Wine? Always. Popcorn? Yes, please! I personally love this little combo for a late night snack after the kids are in bed and my husband and I are watching a movie (assuming I don’t fall asleep during it these days!).

I will fully admit that at the end of the day I love unwinding with a glass of wine. After a long day at work, getting everything together at home, and getting kids in bed I feel exhausted. I need to take just a little time for myself to sit and relax and I enjoy doing that with a glass of wine. My husband and I get to sit and catch up about our day or watch a movie together. Or let’s be real, my husband watches sports while I get to read a book. It’s the simple pleasures in life that really let me relax and unwind.

SkinnyPop recently came up with this fun infographic on how to pair wine with their popcorn flavors. We have all these recommendations on different wines with meat, fish, and chicken so why not with popcorn?! I think this is such a fun idea.


I wanted to share this because I love the idea and also love the light popcorn as a snack in general. SkinnyPop is also something I recommend having on hand. I always had something like this in my drawer at work for when cravings hit (you know, that 3:00 snack attack). The different flavors make it fun and will hit those taste buds in a way that won’t make you feel like you’re eating something so light.

I haven’t tried all these combos but the ones I’m looking forward to most are the Pinot Grigio/jalapeño mix and the Pinot Noir/dusted dark chocolate mix. I even think this could be a really fun wine party idea. Set out some bowls of all the different pairings and see what everyone likes best! Let me know what flavors you try!

I want to encourage you to follow along in my health journey through what I learn and experience. I hope there is something you can take away from Fit Busy Female that inspires you to start taking control of your health and feeling better every day.

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